Gamal Abdel-Hafiz


Special Agent of the FBI- Dallas Division

Specialized in international terrorism investigations and Human Source development

July 2006 – October 2015

Special Agent of the FBI- Dallas Division

Counter Terrorism/Persian section

January 2005 – July 2006

Special Agent of the FBI- Dallas Division

Healthcare Fraud Investigations
March 2004 – January 2005

Supervisory Special Agent – FBI Headquarters

Office of International Operations
March 2003 – March 2004

FBI Assistant Legal Attaché – U.S. Embassy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

February 2001 – March 2003

Special Agent of the FBI- Dallas Division

International Terrorism

February 1996 – February 2001

FBI Academy – Quantico Virginia

Successful completion of the FBI Special Agent training
October 1995 – February 1996

FBI Arabic Language Specialist

January 1994 – October 1995

Southland Corporation – Dallas, Texas

Field Manager/Supervisor
March 1988 – December 1993

Zip Hi Tech Printing – Dallas, Texas

December 1984 – March 1988

Egyptian Military

Completed Compulsory Military Service – Egypt
October 1982 – April 1984


National Security and Decision Making Master Degree program with the United States Naval War College

September 2007 – May 2008

FBI Academy

October 2015 – February 2016 

FBI Academy

October 2015 – February 2016 


  • FBI Director’s award for contribution during the trial of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman et al – New York City, New York
  • United States Attorney’s award for translation excellence during the trial of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman et al - New York City, New York
  • Recognition for leadership role in the investigation of the explosion of the Khobar Towers – Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Award for participation in the Sour Gas investigation – Texas, USA
  • Award for leadership role during the East Africa American Embassies terrorist attacks - Tanzania
  • Recognition letter from both Special Agents in Charge of the Dallas Division and the Buffalo Division for successfully obtaining breakthrough confession that resolved the Lackawanna Six Sleeper Cell case – Lackawanna, New York
  • Recognition Certificate for participating in the Command Post during the London Subway attacks – Dallas Division
  • Intelligence gathering award
  • Informers recruitment award
  • Letter of recognition from Southern Methodist University (SMU) for providing Active Shooter training to members of the faculty and administration
  • Award from King Hussain of Jordan for efforts in providing training for the Jordanian Police and Military
  • Award from Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz, Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, for joint investigations with the Saudi Intelligence
  • Award from the Brazilian Police for providing Interviewing and Interrogation training to the Brazilian Police
  • Award from the Jordanian Intelligence Service for participating in joint Counter Terrorism training
  • Award for participating in the investigation of Husam Somadi case – Down Town Dallas, Texas
  • Award for participating and advising investigators during the investigation of Khaled Aldowsary – Lubbock, Texas

Specialized Expertise

  • Certified FBI Adjunct Faculty with emphasis on Middle East and Islamic culture
  • Source recruitment
  • Crisis/Hostage negotiation
  • International Counter Terrorism
  • International Police training
  • Excellent knowledge of Middle Eastern culture
  • Certified FBI Undercover Special Agent
  • Certified FBI Human Intelligence Collector
  • Certified FBI Interrogator of High Value detainees
  • Designed the framework of the FBI Counter Violent Extremists program at FBI Headquarters
  • Fluency in Arabic and English languages
  • Certified expert witness in Arabic/English translation in United States Federal Courts
  • Certified International Terrorism witness in United States Federal Courts

As an FBI Special Agent specializing in international terrorism, I maintain Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearances

Testified in numerous federal trials for the U.S government as an FBI Agent and FBI Language Specialist in Arabic language translation and analysis

Coordinated investigative efforts in Yemen during the investigation of the bombing attack on the USS Cole; November 2000 – February 2003

Coordinated investigative efforts in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain with numerous U.S. federal agencies during the investigation of the 9/11/2001 attacks; September 2001 – February 2003

Interrogated a terrorism suspect in Bahrain and secured his confession, leading to the dismantlement of the first Al-Qaeda sleeper cell in the United States; September 2002

Interrogated the primary suspect of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in Yemen and obtained his confession, leading to the arrest of fourteen co-conspirators; January 2001

Hostage Negotiator, FBI; 1999 – present

Equal Employment Opportunity investigator, FBI; 1999

Designated by former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, as FBI Liaison officer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the investigation of Al-Khobar towers bombing; October 1996 – February 1997

Certified FBI Adjunct Faculty Instructor

Campus Liaison Agent from 2008-2015

Media and Community Relations Experience

Featured in a TV program by an ABC affiliate in Dallas, TX regarding the relationship between the FBI and the Muslim community in North Texas; January 2008

Interviewed by National Public Radio regarding FBI’s recruitment efforts within the Arab/Muslim community; January 2008

Member of the FBI’s Middle Eastern recruitment committee. This committee manages recruitment initiatives for the FBI; 2007 – present

Presented lecture on the current state of International Terrorism at the University of Texas in Denton; November 2007

Featured in a TV commercial, with other FBI employees, that aired for thirty-five days on an Arab satellite TV station; September – October of 2007

Guest of a quarterly forum held by the Muslim community in North Texas where other law enforcement and members of the judiciary are in attendance to address the relationship between the Arab/Muslim community and law enforcement; 2006 – present

Presented the FBI Special Agent position as a career to Arab/Muslim youth in North Texas during several community gatherings; 2005 – present.

Featured in a Front Line TV program about the Lackawanna Six terrorism case in which I interrogated a subject in Bahrain and obtained his confession. This confession was used to arrest the remaining five subjects; October 2003.

Managed the Outreach program between the FBI and the Arab/Muslim community in North Texas; June 1997 – February 2001

Presented lecture to FBI employees in Raleigh, North Carolina about Arab culture and informant development; March 1999

Presented lectures on Islam and the history of the Middle East to FBI employees and Joint Terrorism Task Force officers, Dallas FBI; February 1998, October 1997